• The Skybox (Bremen)

Austin, TX

4,556 sf

Simple and elegant forms cantilever over the buried garage in this ultra-contemporary residence going up in Tarry-town. The concept came from editing the shapes to fit the site and then editing the layout to fit the shape. On this long, linear and intensely sloping site these two basic rectangular forms have been laid perpendicular and extruded to create the interior spaces and indoor-to-outdoor relationships. The door and window locations have been strategically placed and given top priority on this infill lot – not only for bringing in comforting natural light and view, but for framing perspective and elevating privacy from the neighboring homes.
Utilizing the slope, we’ve cut down into the land to hide the garage/basement, pushing it in under the main floor and elevating the dining/living area to float over the driveway – creating the aptly-named, Skybox.